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Fee Schedule Effective February 9, 2016

Service DescriptionFee
Deposit/Loan Payment Check Returned Unpaid$25.00
“NSF” Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction$27.00
“NSF” Debit Card Transaction (ATM or POS)$27.00
“NSF” Share Draft Check$27.00
Stop Payment Placed on a Share Draft Account Check.$25.00
Stop Payment Placed on a Planites Credit Union Teller Check.$25.00
Late Payment Charge on Loan Payments is 5% of the Amount Past Due, $20.00 Maximum.$20.00
Statement Reprint$5.00
Savings Closed within 90 days of opening$5.00
Automatic Overdraft Transfer from Savings (per item)$5.00
Per Teller Check Withdrawn from Checking Made Payable to a Third Party$5.00
Savings Excessive Withdrawal Fee – Three (3) Free per Month$5.00
Per Savings Account ATM Card Withdrawal$1.00
International Wire Transfer (deposit at no charge)$45.00
Domestic Wire transfer (deposit at no charge)$25.00
Reconciliation Assistance with a Planites Credit Union Account (per hour)$20.00
Incorrect ACH Transaction Account Numbers (first error waived)$20.00
Each Early Withdrawal or Closing of a Christmas Club$10.00
Vacation Club Excessive Withdrawal Fee – Two Free per Calendar Year$10.00
Copy of a “Credit Union Teller Check”$5.00
Per month if Minimum Balance Checking Account Balance Falls Below $200.00 Anytime During the Month$5.00
Copy of Share Draft Check.$5.00
Per VISA Debit Card ATM Withdrawal at Terminals not Owned or Operated by Planites Credit Union. First four (4) are free.$1.00
Garnishments/Citations/Levies Processing$25.00
Credit Card Payment made at Credit Union$5.00
Tiered Courtesy Pay: 1st Item$15.00
Tiered Courtesy Pay: Items 2-5$25.00
Tiered Courtesy Pay: Items 6-10$30.00
Tiered Courtesy Pay: Items 11 and over$35.00
ATM/VISA Debit Card Replacement Fee (1st Occurrence)$5.00
ATM/VISA Debit Card Replacement Fee (2nd Occurrence and Over)$10.00
Temporary Checks (per check)$1.00
Loan Application Fee (if previously denied within last 90 days). Fee wil be credited to member share account if loan is approved.$25.00

NSF Checks & Overdrawn Accounts
A checking account can be closed when overdrawn three or more times within a three month period.

Check Orders
Liberty check printer will charge your checking account the price of your order. To avoid any additional fees, the order amount must be in your checking account the day checks are ordered with Planites Credit Union.

Minimum Balance (Regular Savings) 
$25.00, member must leave a balance of at least $25.00 after the withdrawal.

Stop Payment On "Corporate Withdrawal Check" 
In order to stop payment on a withdrawal check (lost in mail) a minimum of five business days needs to pass from the date of withdrawal.

Reopen Account
If you close your account and then wish to reopen, there will be a 6 month waiting period prior to reopening.